Oh, hey y’all! It’s officially summer break here in East Tennessee. I’m not going to lie to you, I have incredibly conflicting emotions regarding this break. I had an amazing school year, perhaps the best one yet. That being said, it went by in a flash- even without having our usual two-week snow break. Oh, and with having to go on leave the previous two years for *reasons* this was the first time I’ve worked through the end of the school year in three years. Still, the speed of it all disarmed me.

On one hand, the hope of summer thrilled me. On the other, a tad of grief enveloped me. Tis the plight of a teacher at the end of a great year- you’ve prepared them for the future, and you are no part of that future. I understand Mr. Feeney better each day.

Last week, I had this whole post about Mother’s Day, and then I choked at hitting “publish.” Crazy as it seems, I found out I was going to be a mom nearly three years ago, but I still feel like my nose is pressed on the window, peering into this world I longed for. I already seriously suffer from imposter syndrome, but it’s even more evident in this facet of my life. Anyway, I guess I think if I tell you I plan on polishing that up where the truth really shines though, the more likely I am to maybe publish it this week.

Meanwhile, here are some links that have sparked my interest this week.

Black Dahlia Murder Case Let me preface this by saying I had no knowledge of this case before one of my students presented it as part of her Genius Hour project. She mentioned this article, and I.Was.Hooked. Everything you could possibly want to know is here, and it’s stranger than fiction. Now, I just feel like I need to move to California and completely devote my life to this cold case. Go ahead and google follow-ups while you’re at it.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Uses the Word ‘Rape’ and Why It’s a Big Deal” (WARNING: Link contains spoilers) Can I just say, I am in the middle of season 3, and I watch it so differently since reading this commentary? I almost feel like I need to rewatch the whole series, and why not? I mean, I’ve watched The Office no less than 30 times. Let’s not forget, show creator/ my hero Tina Fey was attacked as a child, giving her that “trademark” scar across her face.

“Hotdogs, Sunscreen, and All the Other Ways I’m Messing Up” This is perfunctorily me. Such a paradox- I think about this very concept all the time, while not thinking about it at all. I didn’t skip out on the rite-of-passage dollar store water guns, despite warnings that it may invoke violence or she may be exposed to BPA when she inevitably drinks from said water pistol, but I do buy organic milk and I definitely cut eyes when we pass the smoking section at the zoo. For the record, I was exposed to all of the above as a child, and I’m still kicking. Why are we so darn crazy nowadays?

“Ebb and Flow” This just hit so close to home for me. Honestly, anything that cites Proverbs 31 gut punches me in the feels. How I long to be that woman! How I long to want to want being that woman! This articulated oh so well the struggle, the internal dialogue I combat on the daily.

“Love Like Ghosts” Two of my dearest friends are going through such a tough time. I can’t express the profound sadness that surrounds them, how I pray for the arms of Jesus around them, and how I helpless I feel as a friend who can only offer so much support. I just hear this song and think of their hearts, right now, in this perplexing moment.

It seems a bit appropriate that rain will fall hard this weekend. It’s a weekend that says: “Don’t plan too much.” And so, we’re listening. We need rest more than anything, and I pray we can accomplish this easily.


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