Cheese and rice. How did a solid month pass by without me sharing Links That Think? Is it the teacher or the mother or the Amelia in me that just can let a whole month slip by without rhyme or reason? As I told y’all, God done told me: Be bold. Be intentional. (And then) Be brave. I really have focused on those things, whether I love it or not. But the whole be intentional thing is hard as a writer. It’s hard to carve out meaningful time to sit and write, especially when you’re not generating content off the top of your head. That’s just the truth, for me.

TEACHER-MOM LIFE IS HARD: IN CASE I MADE YOU THINK IT’S ALL BUTTERFLIES AND RAINBOWS Such a bold way to kick off this post, BUT REALLY. I think this is where every teacher is in February/ pre- Spring Break. It really is taxing for me- that desire to be the best for my students and my child, my husband, my friends. For me, Spring Break hasn’t even been the lifeline I thought it would be. Oddly enough, I’m actually saddened by this school year ending. I love my students beyond belief, and I can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to them. But, saying goodbye to them means splashing around in cold, chlorinated water with my little…it’s a tough life.

Completing The Cycle You ever see something, and you’re just like duh. But, ermerghersh. This is something I just need to do (going through whole processes, start to finish). However comma… the big takeaway for me actually stemmed from the comments on the post, wherein someone said something like: “When you take care of your business, it’s being kind to your future self.” It’s so basically basic, but really… I just don’t think I’ll ever procrastinate again. I don’t know if future me will wear silver wind suits with no eye makeup, or ball gowns to the car wash. I’ve made a lot of insane choices in my life. But, this much I know: putting things off, even for a second, is garbage for my soul.

Simplifying Childhood is Making Your Kid Bored….. and That is a Very Good Thing I just can’t say much about this without you reading it…I was a Brownie, that was about it for me. Extra-cor-lick-you-lers… I don’t know how to spell it because it’s totally foreign to me..are good, I guess. And since I didn’t have anything beyond Brownies, there’s a big part of me that looks at every sign-up sheet and says, “Sign me up!” like it’s a way of reconciling some Gen-Whatever lamentation. The truth is this though: we didn’t have a ton. I was bored, but not once boring.

Old Navy Toddler Girls Am I really supposed to pretend there’s not some sort of financial warfare being waged on my wallet with their toddler spring line up? (This isn’t so much a link-that-thinks, but more like I need to think about the cheddar I could drop and boring things like opportunity costs.)

The 20 Most Satisfying This Is Us Cries, Ranked If carrying an address book was still a thing, I would flip through and find exactly two of my people not watching this show. I know the preview/ teaser for the show was the most watched online, as in people were actually going online seeking a preview. One of the two people I know not watching the show is my dear husband because he just cannot handle that kind of sadness. Conversely, I save episodes for when I know he won’t be home so I can get my cry on, and it is oh so cleansing. However comma…there I sat this week with tissue, sans mascara…and it just wasn’t the cryfest I’ve come to expect. Anyway, here’s a picture of me after the Memphis episode. B called that night to say he was on the way home, and I told him to drive around for a little while!


Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 9.18.54 PM
SnapChat seriously should add a “This is Us” filter. #nofilter here, though. Those are 100% my Shar Pie wrinkles.






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