Monday afternoon, I got probably the best email I’ve ever received: our school district would be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday due to illness. I know, I know. Illness= no good. But my kids were feeling well, and so was I. Y’all, I thought my soul was going to leap right out of my body. I’m a positive person, but normally very calm and not excitable. People tell me all the time that I am impossible to read (because I internalize everything).

If I had a time machine, I would go back and record the moment I got to tell my kids, who were working intently on this Monday afternoon, that they were about to have the next two days off, that we all won the time lottery.

“Stand up, stand up! I have something to tell you! Y’all. We have the next two days off!”

Oh, their faces. I have the best kids, the hardest workers, and they were weary from using their brains all day. We all did a happy dance (well, I can’t dance, so I just went to my trusty “raise-the-roof” move).


Being a working mom is tough. I’m not going to get into a who-has-it-tougher debate, but with my job, I am fortunate enough to be on both sides of the fence, and life (for me) is much more manageable when I don’t have that little 50-hour-a week side gig. To top it off, my man (B) has worked the last two weekends and has been out of town. And we’re doing Whole 30 that requires a TON of prep. This past Saturday, I was so exhausted that I zonked out at 8:00.

Self-care is seriously so underrated.

Since B was going out of town again, he actually asked me if he could wake up with Novella and take her to school. When I planned the day in my head, I swore I was going to sleep until 10. B shut the door to our room, so I wouldn’t be disturbed (this hasn’t happened ever before), but since he was about to get on the road, I really wanted to say bye and tell him I love him.


I made my coffee, a nice breakfast, and then I went back to bed with a book and just laid there and read LIKE SOME SORT OF WEIRDO! FOR THREE HOURS! I’m almost finished with Chasing Slow. A good, easy read!

Then, I decided to go ahead and clean out my closet and shoot for that capsule wardrobe thing I talked about last week. I think I want to write a separate post about it, but it made me WAY happier than I thought it would. I kept running my hands over my clothes, and feeling their softness. One of the biggest suggestions I’ve heard with this purge is to consider what your “uniform” is. I definitely love flowy, super soft shirts, and fitted pants. There are a lot of rules that go along with this, but really…just don’t keep anything you don’t absolutely love. And, apparently I LOVE blue.

Yes, this is my whole closet. And I added more clothes than this!

After I accomplished this, I made myself a fancy lunch with plans to go scoop up Novella to go to the park and take pictures. But as I was enjoying said lunch, it started monsoon raining. Seemed like a perfect opportunity to take a bubble bath!

The rain slowed, so I went and got Novella. When we got home, she wanted to play in the rain. I love this age so much. My favorite thing about this picture is the sticker on her shirt. She received this treasure from the nice lady at Kroger three days ago, and she’s been wearing it like a Badge of Honor ever since. I love her little heart so much!rain


I normally wouldn’t chronicle an entire day, but my soul needed this day so much. I never want to forget it- it truly felt like a gift from above. I’ve been so overwhelmed, trying to be the best wife, mom, teacher, friend, all other titles I can be. I really believe being calm and rested is essential to being my best self.

What would you do if you got two bonus days?





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