What a week! It’s been kind of hard to find content this week that didn’t focus on politics. I read so many wonderful things that had an inexplicable twist, leaving me cringing. It’s not that what’s going on in our nation isn’t important, but I don’t know that it really has a place in a dissertation about Andy Coehn and The Real Housewives franchise. What a week to talk about bias with my students!

Here are some links that made me think this week:



Introvert or Coward? Man. This one got my convictions to the core. I am such an introvert, but I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I use that as a crutch, and don’t push myself the way I need to. In the last week, I’ve had 3 things I could’ve easily gotten out of that I had to push myself to attend. You know what? In the end, I am always happier when I do. If I flake, I have the sting of regret. And I hate guilt and regret far worse than working through my own hang ups and social anxiety. This writing came to me at the perfect time. I love when that happens.


A Frazzled Girl’s Journey I don’t know if it’s because I’m a middle school English/ Reading teacher, or because I’m a former middle schooler, but I loved reading about this book enough to want to actually read this book (even though the intended audience is a middle school girl, I’m guessing). I’ve been working on and presenting writings to my class about my middle school experience. I even have a blown up picture of myself at 12 years old hanging up on the wall.


An Open Letter to the Department of Education So, this is a bit of a lengthy read. Can I be honest with you? I didn’t realize so many people cared about education until Trump announced Betsy Devos as secretary of education (also, I’m surprised this isn’t capitalized?) and all of the sudden everyone’s arms are just a-flailing… If you really care about education, you need to read this. It’s lengthy, but you said you cared!


How to Be Mindful With Your Phone This isn’t so much an article, but a simple reminder about our addiction to our phones and being mindful of the time we spend on them. I am terrified that my daughter will think I love my phone more than her, but I also don’t always have the discipline to put it away. Lord, please help me on this.


The Financial Literacy Lesson No One Wants to Teach Oh, finances. How I think of them constantly. How I hate being real about it.


The Pomodoro Technique This technique has literally changed my life. I’ve been practicing it for a little over 3 weeks so I guess it’s officially a habit! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 25 minutes when you are intentional.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We’re supposed to have yet another mild weekend, so we will probably visit the zoo again. My parents are coming in and my sweet nephew turns 7 this weekend. Oh, and we’re going to try and squeeze in a date. I am quite excited for all of it!


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